Linkus Overview

Yeastar Linkus is designed to keep you connected with colleagues and business anywhere and anytime. This topic describes Linkus server, Linkus client, Linkus client login methods, and Linkus events.

Linkus server

To get started with Linkus, you need to set up Linkus server and enable Linkus clients for users. Yeastar P-Series Software Edition allows you to set up Linkus server in two ways:
  • Auto configuration by Remote Access Service

    Remote Access Service (RAS) is a subscription-based service designed for remote working. After RAS is subscribed, you can bind a Yeastar FQDN to the PBX, and the following functions will be provided:

    Note: RAS provides remote access, not remote control.
    • Secure connection
    • Remote access of PBX web
    • Network Address Translation (NAT) for Linkus service auto configured
    • Linkus server for remote access auto configured

    For more information about Linkus auto configuration by RAS, see Set up Linkus Server with Remote Access Service.

  • Manual configuration

    Manual configuration of Linkus remote server requires professional network knowledge.

    • Weak network protection will cause SIP attacks.
    • Incorrect configurations may cause a one-way audio issue.

    For more information about manual configuration, see Manually Set up Linkus Server.

Linkus client

Yeastar P-Series Software Edition supports the following Linkus clients:
  • Linkus Mobile Client
  • Linkus Desktop Client
  • Linkus Web Client

For more information about Linkus Mobile Client and Linkus Desktop Client, see Linkus Help Center.

For more information about Linkus Web Client, see Linkus Web Client User Guide.

Linkus client login methods

Yeastar P-Series Software Edition allows users to quickly log in to Linkus clients via a specific link or QR code, or manually log in by entering the provided credentials.
  • Quick login
    • Login link: Provide users with login links so that they can quickly log in to Linkus clients.
    • Login QR code: Provide users with login QR codes so that they can quickly log in to Linkus Mobile Client.

    You can copy and share login credential of a specific client with a user, or bulk send Linkus welcome emails to multiple users, which contain login credentials of all the Linkus clients.

    For more information, see Configure Linkus Welcome Email and Send Linkus Welcome Emails.

  • Manual login

    Depending on different kinds of Linkus server that you have set up, you need to provide different information for users to log in to Linkus clients.

    Table 1.
    Linkus Server Mobile & Desktop Login Credentials Web Client Login Credentials
    Linkus Server (RAS)
    Linkus Server (Manual configuration)
    • PBX's local IP address and local Linkus port
    • PBX's public IP address or domain name and external Linkus port
    • Username
      Note: Username can be extension number or email address, which depends on how you Configure Linkus Login Mode.
    • User password
    No supported.

Linkus events

Yeastar P-Series Software Edition provides event notification feature, which records events in logs and notifies relevant contacts via specific notification methods when events occur.

Yeastar P-Series Software Edition provides the following Linkus events:
  • Web User Login Success
  • Web User Login Failed
  • Linkus Client Login Failed
  • Extension User Password Changed
  • Web User Blocked Out
  • Linkus User Blocked Out

For more information, see Event Notification Overview and Configure Event Notifications.