View Call Metrics on Wallboard

As a manager of a queue or multiple queues, you can view call statistics of each queue to measure the queue performance. This topic describes how to view queue call statistics.


  • You are a queue manager.
  • You have the permission to access Linkus Web Client, and get username and password from your system administrator.


  1. Log in to Linkus Web Client.
    Tip: If you have received a Linkus welcome email, you can click the login link for Linkus Web Client to quickly log in.
    1. Launch your web browser, enter the IP address of Linkus Web Client, press Enter.
    2. Enter your username and password, click LOG IN.
      • Username: Extension number or email address.
      • Password: Extension User Password.
  2. Go to Call Center Console > Wallboard.
  3. If you have multiple queues, select a desired queue from the upper left corner of Wallboard.

  4. Select a time range from the upper right corner of Wallboard.
    • Today: View statistics of today.
    • This Week: View statistics of this week.
    • This Month: View statistics of this month.

  5. Optional: Click to display the Wallboard of each queue independently in a separate browser window.

    For example, display the Wallboard of Service department in a browser window, and show the wallboard to Service agents; display the Wallboard of Sales department in another browser window, and shows the wallboard to Sales agents.