'Inbound Call' Report

If the trunk's API has Control Inbound Call Destination enabled, then when the trunk answers the call, the PBX will send an Incoming event to the application server.

Report Parameters

Name Type Description
action String Incoming event.
callid String A unique identifier of the call.
inbound Object Inbound call .
inboundid String Inbound ID.
from String The caller number.
to String The callee number.
trunk String The trunk name.
sn String The PBX's serial number.

Report Examples

User-Agent: WebAPI
Host: api.yeastarcloud.com
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json

    "action": "Incoming",
    "callid": "1547393303.354",
    "call": [
            "inbound": {
                "from": "182737733",
                "to": "1005",
                "trunk": "SPS-6-36",
                "inboundid": "1547393303.354"
    "sn": "369362089179"