Operator Panel Overview

Operator Panel is a web-based utility integrated with the Yeastar Linkus Web Client. This topic describes what is Operator Panel, and what you can do on Operator Panel.

What is Operator Panel

A traditional receptionist needs to screen incoming calls for key areas of the business, and deliver core calls to the right destinations. It is obviously inefficient to perform a large number of call control operations through a desktop phone. Yeastar Operator Panel is designed for employee who needs to manage and transfer a large number of calls, such as receptionist or agent manager.

The Operator Panel integrates a call console, extension list, ring group list, queue list, parking number (Slot) list, and group voicemail list. It offers a comprehensive view on activity of call, ring groups, queues, park extensions, and group voicemails, enhances visibility of the extension's status, streamlines call handling, and more.

With Operator Panel, the receptionist can manage all incoming and outgoing calls with just a simple click or with drag and drop, which increases the efficiency of call management.

What you can do on Operator Panel

With an easy-to-use interface on Yeastar Operator Panel, you can manage multiple calls (including your group members' and yours), and direct calls to the appropriate destination quickly and efficiently.

  • Monitor and switch the presence of extensions.
  • Monitor the status of queue, ring group, park numbers, and group voicemails.
  • Monitor the call activity in real time, including internal calls, inbound calls, and outbound calls.
  • Manage internal calls, inbound calls, and outbound calls:
    • Call distribution: Redirect incoming calls and transfer calls.
    • Call connection: Pick up ringing calls and hang up calls.
    • Call parking: Park calls and retrieve parked calls.
    • Call recording: Monitor and switch recording status.
    • Calls monitoring: Barge in a call, listen to a call, and whisper to a call.
    • Place a call to a group member.
    • Leave a voicemail message.

Permission requirements

To use the Operator Panel to manage group members' calls and presence, you need to get the corresponding permission from your PBX system administrator:

  • Switch group members' presence
  • Call distribution management (Redirect, Transfer, Drag and Drop operation)
  • Call monitoring operations (Listen, Whisper, Barge In)
  • Call parking operations (Park, Retrieve)
  • Switch Business Hours and Holidays status
  • Switch extensions' recording status
  • Pick up or hang up other extensions' calls
  • Route calls directly from IVR regardless of the IVR menu