Control Inbound Calls

If the trunk's API has Inbound Call Answering Control enabled, then whenever there's a call to this trunk, the PBX will send the API report message of this event—the invite event—to the application server. The application server will have a set period of time (10 seconds by default and unchangable) to control the inbound call.

Users on the 3rd-party application can accept or refuse the inbound calls
  • Accept: If the application server wants the PBX to continue handle the call, then invoke the Accept API, and the call will be handled by the PBX accordingly.
  • Refuse: If the application server wants the PBX to refuse the call (e.g. because the number is blocked), then invoke the Refuse API, and the PBX will hang up the call directly.

When Times Out

If the application server does not invoke any of the above two APIs in the set period of time, by default, the call will be accepted by the PBX and go to the relevant destination.