API Introduction

In this topic, we introduce what is Yeastar K2 VoIP PBX API and what features can be achieved through API.

Yeastar K2 VoIP PBX API

Yeastar K2 VoIP PBX offers API (Application Programming Interface). Developers can use API to develop or connect to application servers, such as call center, hotel, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), OA (Office Automation), billing system, etc.

Communication methods

After the application server is connected to the Yeastar K2 VoIP PBX, a two-way communication is established, both parties can work as server and client.

For detailed descriptions of communication methods and the process, refer to API Request Overview and API Events.

  • The application server calls APIs to perform configurations on the PBX:

    Query parameters, query status, configure parameters, control calls, etc.

  • PBX sends events to the application server in real-time:

    System status change, extension status change, trunk status change, call status change, DTMF report, CDR report, etc.

Main features

You can achieve the following features through Yeastar K2 VoIP PBX API:

  • Parameter and status query
  • Parameter configuration
  • Call control
  • Event Monitor