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On-Premise Deployment Overview

On-premise is the deployment of Yeastar Workplace on your dedicated servers, including physical servers and cloud-based servers.

This topic describes what you need to prepare before deployment, and provides step-by-step procedures for installing Yeastar Workplace on your dedicated server, as well as activating Yeastar Workplace and creating a company account.

 Prepare your server and network

Identify your needs and prepare the required items accordingly. Items of general requirements include the following:
  • Server
  • Domain name
  • SSL certificate
  • SMTP server
Get to know what you need to prepare and the requirements, see Prepare Your Server and Network.

 Get installation package

Contact Yeastar sales for the following items:
  • Yeastar Workplace installation package
  • Secret.env file, which contains sensitive information about your Yeastar Workplace.

 Install Yeastar Workplace

Connect to your server and use the Linus commands to install Yeastar Workplace.

 Activate and create a company account

To activate Yeastar Workplace, see the following topics:

Last update: May 19, 2022