Send Linkus Emails to Users

Linkus server has an email template that contains instructions on how to log in via QR code and link. You can send Linkus emails to allow users to log in Linkus clients by themselves.

Before you begin

Make sure the following settings are configured:

  • Email addresses are bound with the extensions.


  1. Log in the PBX web interface, go to Linkus > Linkus Client Settings.
  2. To send Linkus emails for all users, do the followings:
    1. To display more users in one page, set a larger Displaying number.
    2. Select the checkbox for all the extensions.
    3. Click Send Email.
    4. Optional: If you have more extensions in the next page, go to next page, and repeat step b-c.
  3. To send Linkus email to a specific user, do the followings:
    1. Search the user by extension number or name.
    2. Select the desired extension user.
    3. Click Send Email.