OpenVPN Verification

If the OpenVPN server asks for username and password for verification, the OpenVPN clients need to use the required username and password to be authenticated.

Set Verification Mode on the OpenVPN Server

  1. Log in the PBX web interface, go to VPN Server, set the Verification Mode to CA Cert + Client Cert + Account & Password or CA Cert + Account & Password.
  2. Click Account tab, then click Add Account to set the username and password for VPN client.
  3. (Optional) Click Static IP tab, then click Add to add a static IP for the VPN client.

Set the Required Username and Password to the OpenVPN Client

  • For S-Series VOIP PBX Client

    Enter the username and password on the OpenVPN configuration page.

  • For Windows OpenVPN Client
    1. Add auth-user-pass passfile in the client configuration file client.ovpn.

    2. Create a passfile file and place this file to the config folder.
      1. Create a new text document.
      2. Enter the username and password according to the account settings on VPN server.

        Line1: Enter the username.

        Line2: Enter the password.

      3. Save the file, and rename the file as passfile. Change the file name extension, do not contain .txt in the file name.