After logging in the PBX web interface for the first time with the factory IP address, you need to change the network settings of the PBX according to your network environment.

Network Type

Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX supports wired network and cellular network.

  • Wired Network

    Wired network is that you need to connect your router/switch to the PBX's Ethernet interface by a network cable.

    Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX supports three wired network modes:

    • Single: Only LAN port will be used for uplink, WAN port is disabled.
    • Bridge: LAN port interface will be used for uplink connection. WAN port interface will be used as bridge for PC connection.
    • Dual: LAN and WAN Ethernet interfaces will use different IP addresses.

      If you set to the Dual mode, you need to choose a default network interface for the PBX.

      Note: The traffic will be routed to the default interface; you need to add static route to override the default route entries, routing the traffic from specific IP address to the specified destination.
  • Cellular Network

    You need to install 4G module on the PBX and configure cellular network on the 4G module.

Static IP Address Settings

If you set LAN or WAN network to Staic IP Address, you need to enter an IP address and set the subnet mask, gateway, DNS server for the PBX.

DHCP Settings

If you set LAN or WAN network to DHCP, the system will act as DHCP client to get an available IP address from your local network.


If you connect the PBX to a PPPoE device to get network, you need to set the LAN or WAN network to PPPoE, and enter the Username and Password of PPPoE service.