AutoCLIP Route Example

An AutoCLIP route example to help you understand the settings of AutoCLIP Route.

  1. Enable AutoCLIP for all SIP trunks.
  2. Set the AutoCLIP Route as below.

  3. Test the AutoCLIP and click View AutoCLIP List to check the AutoCLIP records.
    1. Extension user 1000 makes a call to number 15880262368, the called party doesn't answer the call.
    2. The PBX will keep the record in the AutoCLIP List as below.

    3. User 15880262358 calls back to the PBX, but the incoming caller ID shows +8615880262358.
    4. As the Digits Match is set to 11, the call will match against the AutoCLIP records, and the call will be forwarded directly to extension user 1000.
    5. As the Delete Used Records is enabled, the record will be deleted automatically in AutoCLIP List.
    6. Next time, when user 15880262358 calls in the PBX, no AutoCLIP route will be matched, the call will go to the PBX's inbound route destination.
    Note: When multiple extension users make a call to the same external number, only the last extension that had made the call will be matched against the external number in AutoCLIP list. So when the external user calls back, the call will be routed to the extension that had made the call at last.