Add Device by Authentication Code

You can generate an authentication code on the Yeastar Remote Management Platform, and send the code to the administrator.
  1. Generate an authentication code on Yeastar Remote Management Platform.
    1. Go to Device > My Device, click Add.
    2. Enter a name to help you identify the PBX.
    3. If you want to generate an authentication code for a specific PBX, check the option Verify Serial Number and MAC address.
      Note: For Yeastar Cloud PBX, you don't need to enter MAC address.
    4. Click Add.
      You will get the generated authentication code.
    5. Send the code to the email address of the PBX administrator or copy the code.
  2. Connect PBX device to the Yeastar Remote Management.
    1. Log in the PBX web interface, go to Settings > System > Remote Management.
    2. Set Activation Method to By Authentication Code.
    3. Enter the authentication code that is generated on the Remote Management.
    4. Click Confirm.
      If the device is added to the Yeastar Remote Management, the status will show "Connected".