'Yeastar Linkus for Google' Overview

'Yeastar Linkus for Google' Chrome extension seamlessly integrates Yeastar PBX services to create a lightweight yet powerful browser-based softphone tool. The Chrome extension enables easy dialpad, click-to-call, advanced call handing, call notification, phone number auto-detection on web pages and more to maximize your workday efficiency.

Restrictions and requirements

'Yeastar Linkus for Google' is a non-standalone Chrome extension, which must work with Yeastar-provided Linkus Client.


Based on the PBX server in your organization, the Chrome extension can work with different Linkus Clients.

PBX Server Linkus Client
P-Series Appliance Edition

P-Series Software Edition

P-Series Cloud Edition
  • Linkus Web Client
  • Linkus Desktop Client
S-Series IPPBX
  • Linkus Desktop Client
Cloud PBX
To use the Chrome extension, all the following requirements must be met:
  • PBX Server: No additional requirements.
  • Linkus Client:
    • Linkus for Windows: Version 1.8.11 or later.
    • Linkus for macOS: Version 1.8.9 or later.
  • Google Chrome: Version 87 or later.


The Chrome extension can work with either Linkus Web Client or Linkus Desktop Client. The available features vary from Linkus Clients.
For Linkus Web Client
  • Click to call: Click phone numbers on web-based CRMs or any websites to call out via Linkus Web Client.
  • Multiple call operations: Perform all the call operations that are supported on the full Linkus Web Client.

  • Notifications of incoming calls, voicemails, and chat messages: Receive notifications of new calls, voicemails, and chat messages no matter which web page or window you’re working on even when Chrome is closed.
  • Identify incoming calls: Identify callers when incoming Caller IDs match phone numbers in your existing directory.
  • Check and change business status: Check the number of missed calls and unread voicemails; Change your status in a queue and extension presence.
For Linkus Desktop Client
  • Click to call: Click phone numbers on web-based CRMs or any websites to call out via Linkus Desktop Client.