Start a Chat Session with Your Colleagues

For cases that do not require immediate attention, you can send instant messages right from Linkus Web Client to your colleagues without disturbing their work. This topic describes how to start a one-on-one chat and a group chat.


To use Chat feature, contact system administrator to check if PBX server meets the following requirements:
  • Version: or later.
  • Plan: Either Enterprise Plan or Ultimate Plan is subscribed.


  1. Log in to Linkus Web Client.
  2. On the left navigation bar, click Chat.
  3. To start a chat with a colleague, do as follows:
    1. In the search bar, enter a desired value to find the desired colleague.
      Note: You can enter a name, a number, an email address, or a chat history.
    2. Click the matched colleague.
  4. To start a group chat with multiple colleagues, do as follows:
    1. Click right beside the search bar.

    2. In the pop-up window, select desired colleagues.
      • To select all the members within a group, select the checkbox of the desired group.
        Note: Up to 200 members can be in a group chat. If you fail to select the checkbox, it indicates that there are more than 199 members in the extension group.

      • To select specific members within a group, click to expand the list of all the group members, and select the checkboxes of desired members.

    3. Click Create.