Presense Settings

Presence function is linked to the call forwarding settings and Linkus ring strategy.

Linkus provides five presence statuses:
  • Available
  • Away
  • DND
  • Lunch Break
  • On a Business Trip
Note: If the presence status is set to DND, the extension won't receive any calls.

Presence Settings

Select a Presence status, then configure the Call Forwarding and Ring Strategy for the Presence status.

Setting Description
Presence Information Enter the presence information.
Call Forwarding
Always All the calls will be forwarded regardless of the extension status.
No Answer Calls will be forwarded to if the user doesn't answer the call.
When Busy Calls will be forwarded when the user is busy in a call.
Ring Strategy

Set the ring strategy of the your Linkus clients and IP phones.

Ring First When a call reaches the extension, which terminal will ring first.
Ring Secondly If the incoming call is not answered on the terminals that are selected as Ring First, the terminals that are selected as Ring Secondly will ring.