Integrate Linkus with Outlook

Yeastar Linkus Windows desktop supports for integrating with Outlook.

You can integrate Linkus and Outlook to achieve Outlook Call Pop-up and Click-to-Call from Outlook.

  1. Click at the bottom-left corner of Linkus.
  2. Click CRM Integration.
  3. Configure the General settings.

    • Open Contact: When the incoming call will be popped up.
    • Enable Journaling: Whether to record the call logs in Outlook.
    • Create new contacts if not matched: Whether to automatically create a new Outlook contact when a call is received from an unknown number.
  4. Choose Plug-in to Outlook.

  5. Click Yes to allow Linkus to change the Windows Registry.

  6. Launch Outlook.
  7. Click Configure contacts query directory.
  8. Check the option of the contacts path, click Save.

    When an Outlook contact call to Linkus, the contact information will pop up.